This operation should give place to “a better way to detect and stop the abuse of credentials,”, according to the Akamai.

assets Cyberfend have been acquired by Akamai Technologies by means of a cash transaction that has not gone beyond the amount.

Cyberfend is specialized in the detection of bots, both in web environments and in mobile. This means that, by adding its technology to the Bot Manager from Akamai, the latter will be able to improve their own services, mitigation and management of bots, as she herself has explained in a statement.

“With the introduction of Bot Manager earlier this year, Akamai has helped to change the way in which online business is dealing with bots and other automated agents that visit their sites”, apunta Stuart Scholly, senior vice president and general manager of Web Security with Akamai.

“The incorporation of the technology Cyberfend”, he continues Scholly, “have the intention of give our customers a better way to detect and stop abuse of the credentials in your sites, benefiting both the online businesses and their users”.

The aim is to improve the capacity of distinction between attackers and customers of truth, as well as to avoid the crooks to prevent detection.