Berners-Lee will be the presenter, star of the Akamai EDGE EMEA Forum to be held mid-month in Barcelona.

For the first time, Akamai celebrates its forum EDGE in Europe. It will do so specifically in Spain.

The next November 14 will take place on the Akamai EDGE EMEA Forum in the NH Collections Barcelona Tower. Registration for this event is free of charge.

Akamai will congregate in the City of Barcelona to more than 300 clients, with the objective of deepening its vision on digital transformation.

One of the strong points will be the presence of Tim Berners-Lee, who will assume the keynote address of Akamai EDGE EMEA Forum. He will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the Web ahead.

“Tim Berners-Lee 20 years ago, predicted the congestion that they were going to experience the users of the Internet, and challenged us to invent a new and better form of delivering content on the Internet,”, says Tom Leighton, CEO and co-founder of Akamai.

“From that effort was born the Akamai”, says Leighton, who says, “for our 20th anniversary, it is especially appropriate to have Tim inspire our clients”.

it should Be noted that Leighton and Berners-Lee are old acquaintances. The relationship between the two dating back to the years 90, when the two were professors at MIT.