Check Point reveals that 3 out of every 10 IT professionals mistakenly believe that the security ‘cloud’ is a thing of the provider.

The cloud and mobile are the two big weaknesses of the IT infrastructure business.

So what determines the third part of the Security Report 2019 that comes from posting the Check Point. They are the least protected and are under particular threat, so that should also be placed among the main concerns of the departments of technology and safety equipment.

But it is not being so. Organizations are vulnerable to attacks against the cloud and those that go to your mobile networks “mainly due to the lack of awareness that exists around these threats and how to tackle them”, reveals Zohar Alon, product manager for the cloud Check Point.

“Almost 20 % of the organizations”, a 18 % namely, “has experienced an incident in the cloud during the last year, making it clear that cybercriminals looking to take advantage of these security flaws”, indicates Alon. The incidents are more frequent leaks and security breaches, hacks of accounts and infections by malicious software.

Although the security cloud should be a shared responsibility between client and provider, 3 out of every 10 IT professionals believe that is a thing of the provider only.

In the mobile threat, to this day I give to you are very few that see it as a real risk: 9 %. And that the malware you can jump from the mobile terminals to the networks in the cloud or on-premises.

Three-fifths of the professionals (59 %) not still use defenses for mobile threats, among which are the malware, the fake apps, the attacks man-in-the-middle and the vulnerabilities of the system.