The Google matrix ‘expels’ from its research laboratory X to its driverless vehicle development project.


Changes in the Alphabet autonomous car project , which was part of the X division, a laboratory that brings together the innovative ideas in which it works the ICT giant.

As revealed to Wall Street Journal Astro Teller, head of X, the financial part of the Alphabet driverless vehicle project separated from X on January 1 of this year, and now the company is taking legal action and corporate so you have your own independent division .

At the moment, in the development of cars without driver of Google they are centered in the plane of the security , that without a doubt is the most relevant aspect in that business.

Teller says the cars launched by the Californian company will appear incrementally over the next few years , as they improve their performance on roads over time.

In that sense, the executive states that an option could be the commercial launch of the first vehicles in a series of cities that have roads and weather conditions that are favorable for its circulation, and later to make the leap to areas that involve greater complications.

In addition, he has revealed that one of the hallmarks of his project is that his cars will be completely autonomous from the moment they are released in the market, and will work by simply pressing a button and indicate the address to the vehicle’s computer system.