Several technology companies are involved in this ambitious project that is expected to be completed in 2020.


Interesting details of the Jupiter consortium have been released, which will unite important companies to build a transpacific submarine cable that will connect Asia with North America .

The wiring system will have connections in the Japanese locations of Shima and Maruyama , as well as in Daet, Philippines , and on the US coast near Los Angels .

In total, the cable will cover a distance of 14,000 kilometers , and among the companies that will participate in the project we must highlight Facebook and Amazon , as well as the Japanese NTT and SoftBank , the Hong Kong firm PCCW Global , and PLDT of the Philippines, TE SubCom being the company supplier of the underwater wiring system.

From NTT they have highlighted that they hope to have the project completed by 2020 , and they expect to reach a capacity of 60Tbps , a figure that can be expanded in the future “to meet the growing demands of data and serve as a complement to existing cable systems today.

In SoftBank they have explained that the future cable “will allow to anticipate the potential growth that is expected to occur in businesses related to the field of the Internet of Things ” .