The company of Jeff Bezos says he will continue betting on the Asian giant.


Amazon has jumped to the news after learning that will sell to one of its Chinese partners part of its cloud computing infrastructure in China .

The operation, which is valued at 300 million dollars , is motivated by the change in regulations affecting foreign technology companies in the Asian country, set out in ZDNet .

Specifically, seek to comply with the rules of the Chinese government that prohibits non-Chinese companies from owning or operating certain technology aimed at providing services in the cloud.

From the e-commerce company they have explained that despite this important sale they remain committed to their business in China , and have recalled that they remain the owners of the intellectual property of AWS services at the level worldwide.

The buyer of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure in China has been Sinnet , a local technology partner of the US company, which offers its services in the cloud since December 2013, when it launched the China AWS region.