It is true that one of the worst news for Xbox fans and the Halo saga of 2020 was the delay of Halo Infinite . But, everything that is to improve a video game and that it goes well to the market, well it is. Phil Spencer said it: was the right decision . But that has not prevented new rumors or comments from appearing every month that negatively paint the development of the title.

And this is something that has happened again in the last few hours. Level designer Kolbe Payne no longer works at 343 Industries and has signed for Gunfire Games . And the problem? Well, some of the media understood it as a sensitive loss in the workforce, as Payne had left the studio and that this would mean another setback to the development of the title.

But the reality is different. Payne, plain and simple, has terminated his contract with 343 Industries. In a reply to Gamespot on Twitter, Payne explained this: «Guys … I was a outside worker . My contract was ending, so I found a new job . This is not news. Stop the clickbait. » It seems that the developer was not at all funny to be the subject of a news item.

Perhaps the reaction It has been somewhat exaggerated, since it is true that Payne is no longer in 343 Industries, but it reflects the fed up of the studio with the bad feelings around Halo Infinite . Moreover, at the end of the year, the study expressed his anger at the rumors that come out from time to time. Halo Infinite already has launch window < / a> and in 3DJuegos we tell you everything we know about him so far .