The Google mobile platform has dispensed with these applications after discovering important vulnerabilities in them.


Google has proceeded to remove from its Play Store more than 500 applications designed for Android, after it will be detected that advertising software on them can be exploited and used to install spyware on devices.

The find was made by the IT security company Lookout, who indicated that the Igexin software development kit (SDK) , developed by a Chinese advertising company, put users of those apps at risk.

Since Lookout they have not shown the affected applications, but they have revealed that it was found in a popular game for teenagers with more than 100 million downloads, as well as in apps for weather forecasting or photo editing with more than 5 million downloads.

The Igexin service collects user data to offer ads based on their interests and browsing habits.

The problem is that the Igexin control server was compromised by attackers, who used it to send malware to the devices that connected to it through the apps.