Google wants to improve security on Android to better protect its users.


The improvement in the implementation of security updates is one of the pending subjects for Google on Android.

In that sense, from the Californian company they have explained that about half of the active devices at the end of 2016 on their platform, had not received any security update in the last year.

Of course, despite this undeniable reality, Google also highlights that have made progress in 2016, since that year they received security updates 735 million devices phones of more than 200 manufacturers.

To continue improving in this section, you must be able to accelerate the publication of patches , since the Android ecosystem, which includes hundreds of operators and manufacturers, makes the process of launching updates complex.

In order to reduce the arrival time of security improvements, the Mountain View company will work with operators and manufacturers , a strategy that already successfully applies in the United States < / strong>, report at TechCrunch < / a>.

Specifically, in that market it has been possible to go from a period of 6-9 weeks to launch updates, to just a few days , making it possible for over 78 percent of the most relevant devices were up to date at the end of 2016 on security matters.

Also the key to success in the United States was the reduction of the size of the updates , since that way they can be downloaded faster, as well as the elimination of the obligation of users to have have to approve each one of them.

On the other hand, security status data on Android have brought significant progress in several sections in 2016.

Potentially dangerous applications containing Trojans fell by 51.5% compared to 2015, while those that installed rear doors fell 30.5% , and the ones that included phising were the ones that suffered a major fall, down 73.4% .

Finally, in Google they have revealed that although only 0.71% of devices governed by Android had potentially dangerous applications installed at the end of last year, that This is a 0.5% growth compared to the figures recorded at the beginning of 2015.