Yesterday we reported on one of the changes that had not been announced for the great update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that arrived this week , we We refer to the reduction of berries interest on savings accounts that was notified to players via letter from Nook Bank. Now we also know that the game has made important changes to the system that controls how much the bugs appear , this has been discovered by dataminers that have previously given precise information about the game.

The changes consist basically in that the frequency with which some bugs appear has been reduced which usually sell for good prices in the store , which seems another of the measures with which the game is looking to slow down the accelerated progress of players who were getting rich quickly, in this case, by hunting bugs . For example, the appearance of Tarantulas and scorpions was halved . A detailed table illustrating the data the dataminer has discovered has been produced < a href = 'https: //' class = 'a_line' target = '_ blank'> @_ Ninji to find out exactly what has changed.

We remind you that among the additions of the most recent update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the presence of new vendors , an expansion to the museum with its art gallery and new events seasonal . The Animal Crossing phenomenon has reached even celebrities as Elijah Wood who surprised a player by going to her island to sell turnips .