With its plus and minus, BioWare continues to support Anthem with new free content: this week, a maintenance said goodbye to the first Cataclysm event and welcomed Season of Skulls , another seasonal event which will accompany the players during the next weeks. As the name suggests, it is focused on Halloween and includes new world events, modes, rewards and secrets.

As stated in the official statement , Fort Tarsis has dressed for the occasion, so it would be good idea to wander in search of novelties before leaving for the adventure. From the free exploration mode, we will find anomalies (similar to the portals of the previous season) dedicated to the game’s features. Upon completion we can face new bosses on weekly rotation. Finally, we have a sort of horde mode that we can activate from the menu. In it, we will face increasing hordes of enemies with different modifiers: some alter the gameplay, and others increase the difficulty.

Of course, the players who successfully overcome these challenges can buy chests with new rewards of legendary rarity. BioWare has not specified how long Season of Skulls exactly lasts, but it is expected that it will take us one or two months to see another volume of content like this. Curiously, Anthem has sneaked into the best-selling US games. in 2019 , and it seems that it will continue to strive to improve its many shortcomings.