The two US ICT giants want to have a direct presence in that market.


Apple and Amazon are in talks with the Saudi Arabian foreign investment authorities to be able to invest in the country, expose in Reuters.

Both companies already sell their products there, but lack direct presence in a market with high purchasing power that they find very attractive.

In the case of Amazon , the company of Jeff Bezos wishes to be able to market its services in the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS), a platform that will compete against local suppliers like STC and Mobily.

For Apple , it will be an opportunity to increase its market share in the country, where already occupies second place in the field of smartphones , just behind Samsung.

From Riyadh they are seeking the attention and money of foreign investors in recent times, since the decline in oil prices forces them to diversify their economy to avoid excessive dependence on oil .

On the other hand, the arrival of Apple and Amazon will also allow the Saudi monarchy to improve its image abroad, since the regime has been denounced numerous times for not respecting human rights .