The new tool is designed for large companies that wish to develop their own applications.


Apple and SAP have joined forces to develop a new tool that will be released on March 30 , and promises to help developers who want to make business apps for the iPhone .

The software is designed so that developers can easily transmit data between systems that include SAP solutions, and Apple’s iOS mobile platform, report at Reuters .

To date, most solutions designed by SAP are more used on PCs than on mobile devices, and from the German company they want to change that through collaboration with Apple.


On the other hand, the new tool will allow employees to register in business applications through the fingerprint readers that the iPhone carries, instead of the traditional password.

Also, the alliance between SAP and Apple will offer developers who work with iOS the possibility of accessing a new source of income .

Rick Knowles, Senior Vice President at SAP, said that «every five to six weeks their developers have been working with Apple’s chief engineers to do a code-level review.»