The giant of Cupertino has acquired a small Canadian startup.


Apple continues with its usual shopping fever and this time has just acquired VRVANA , a Canadian company that develop a smart helmet that promises access to augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

The agreement implies that the CEO of the startup and 12 of its employees become part of Apple’s workforce, and as regards the economic level, everything indicates that Tim Cook’s company would have paid $ 30 million in the operation.

The purchase highlights Apple’s interest in the field of augmented reality , an industry that offers significant business opportunities.

Also, it is commented that with this acquisition Apple will be able to fulfill its dream of marketing smart glasses for the year 2020 .

VRVANA was founded in Montreal in 2015 , and as it has been revealed, its employees have been working for weeks in the Apple augmented reality division.

Its hallmark is the one known as Totem helmet , which is still in the development phase but it is more advanced than rivals such as the Microsoft Hololens, they show in VentureBeat .