In September 2018, Apple’s market value exceeded $ 1 trillion for the first time. Spanish trillion (one million million), not US billion (one billion) . An overwhelming figure and a historic moment for both the Californian company and the history of finance.

In August 2020, shares already totaled Apple’s value on the stock market of two trillion dollars. And now there are already analysts who set as early as the next year 2022 the moment when Apple will reach a value by market capitalization of 3 trillion dollars . Three million million dollars. A number three followed by twelve zeros. Undoubtedly a historical milestone in the business field, considering that the rest of the largest companies by market capitalization today is as follows:

  • Microsoft (1.682 billion)
  • Amazon (1,634 billion)
  • Alphabet (Google) (1,185 billion)
  • Facebook (0.776 billion)
  • Tencent (0.683 billion)
  • Tesla (0.668 billion)
  • Alibaba (0.628 billion)

The forecast is the result of the analysis of Daniel Ives, who estimates that next year would be the time when Apple shares reach a price that will make the company the first to achieve a market value of $ 3 trillion . Ives adds that the iPhone sales trend is 35% lower than reality, something comparable only to the demand achieved in 2014 by the arrival of the iPhone 6, one of the most successful terminals in Apple’s history.

With Ives’ calculations throughout this year, it is estimated that 240 million iPhone units would be sold (in all its models and variants), surpassing the predictions of other analysts who put these sales at 212 million units.

But still, the iPhone would not be Apple’s biggest growth engine . Its services division would grow by multiplying its current business by fifteen, endorsing the determined commitment that the Cupertino company has undertaken for a few years. This leads Ives to complete the analysis of him with a recommendation to buy the stock of $ 160, significantly higher than the current price, $ 127 at the time of writing. .