The California company registers a financial decline in the fourth quarter of its 2016 fiscal year.


The apple company has shown the financial data of the fourth quarter of your 2016 fiscal year , which does not resist comparisons with the same period last year.

Regarding revenue , analysts have made a good deal with their forecasts, since Apple has achieved the expected $ 46.9 billion , a disappointing figure when compared with the 51.5 billion dollars registered in Q4 of 2015 .

In the benefits Apple has obtained $ 9,000 million or $ 1.67 per share, figures that are far from $ 11.1 billion and $ 1.96 per share that the company reported a year ago .

On the other hand, when analyzing the iPhone sales the forecasts ventured that they would be 45 million units, a fact that has been very close to the 45.5 million that the company has obtained, but below the 48.05 million units that reached the mark between July and September 2015 .

In the case of the iPad the Cupertino company has been slightly above the analyst’s notes, since has sold 9.2 million compared to 9 , 1 million forecasted, while compared to last year’s Q4 have not been good data, since they then placed 9.82 million units on their tablets .

If it’s your Mac computers , these have been a disappointment, as financial experts had pointed out that 5.1 million units would be marketed and finally had to settle for 4.8 million units , a result that is also lower than in the fourth quarter of 2015 , which ended with 5.71 million units .

Finally, in view of the 2017 Q1 revenue at Apple they hope to reach a figure between 76,000 and 78,000 million dollars.