The apple company has achieved good numbers in the first quarter of its 2017 fiscal year.


Apple has achieved revenue of $ 78.350 million in the Q1 of 2017 , a result that has exceeded the $ 77.4 billion expected by analysts consulted by Bloomberg, and represents a increase of 3% compared to $ 75.9 billion in the same period last year.

On the other hand, the benefits reached $ 17.890 million or $ 3.36 per share, a fact that is less than 18.4 billion of dollars of Q1 2016.

With respect to the business segments of the Californian company, it should be noted that the iPhone produced revenues of 54.380 million dollars ( 78.29 million units sold < / strong>), exceeding by 4% the 51.640 million dollars ( 74.78 million units sold ), obtained a year ago in the same period.

Also, the business of its Mac computers reached 7,240 million dollars of revenue, a figure that represents a very positive advance compared to 6,750 dollars with the which started its fiscal year 2016.

There has also been good news in the Services area (which includes Apple Pay, the App Store and iCloud), which grew by 18.4% and reached the 7.170 million dollars of income when a year ago only added 6.060 million dollars.

That yes, not everything has been good news for Apple, since the iPad had a worrying fall , going down from the 7.080 million dollars of income up to the 5.530 million dollars.


The same can be said of the «Other products» section , a business that includes products such as Beats headphones or Apple TV, the figure obtained was 4,020 million dollars, going backwards < / strong> compared to 4,350 million dollars in Q1 of 2016.