She has been accused of behavior that threatens consumers.


Bad news for Apple in India , as the company has angered TRAI, the authority in charge of regulating telecommunications in the Asian country. < / p>

Specifically, they point out that Apple has refused to include the Do Not Disturb application in its app store , a decision they consider harmful to consumers.

This app has been developed by the TRAI and for the moment only offers support for Android-governed smartphones , they explain in Times of India .

Basically, Do Not Disturb allows users to share with the telecommunications authorities and mobile operators in the country, the details of the unsolicited calls and spam messages that receive, so that from the TRI can act against those responsible for those incidents.

Sewak Sharma, head of TRAI, said that although have been discussing since last year the inclusion of Do Not Disturb in the App Store in India, the Californian company continues opposing.

In addition, he stressed that with the current situation Apple users are vulnerable to receive unwanted messages and calls .