The Cupertino company wanted a lawsuit regarding the application of video calls to be dismissed.


Bad news for Apple , which has not succeeded in its attempts to bring down a lawsuit in which it is accused of disable FaceTime features on older iPhone models.

Judge Lucy Koh has commented that iPhone 4 and 4S users can opt for a nationwide class action lawsuit in the United States, in which Apple is accused of intentionally deactivating functions in FaceTime, to save money from video calls , which are broadcast through Akamai servers.

In explaining his decision to dismiss Apple’s request, Koh points out that the plaintiffs alleged that Apple’s strategy of eliminating FaceTime functions on old phones caused them to lose value in their terminal , and did not respect consumer protection laws.

I also reject Apple’s arguments, which argued that being FaceTime a free service the plaintiffs did not suffer economic losses.

In that section the magistrate recalled that Apple sold its mobile highlighting that FaceTime is one of the functionalities “that make the iPhone the iPhone” , report in CBC .

Finally, it must be remembered that Apple began using Akamai servers after losing a lawsuit in 2012 against VirnetX , which showed that FaceTime technology violated your patents.