The apple company has revealed that it aspires to dispense with the use of rare minerals in its products.


Apple has just released its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report , a study in which the company announces future changes that will affect the supply of materials of its mobiles.

Specifically, they ensure that one day they will say goodbye to the use of rare minerals in their products , since mining negatively affects the environment, and instead they will use 100 materials for 100 recycled .

From Apple they argue that «climate change is undeniable» and add that «l the earth’s resources will not last forever , so technology must be safe to manufacture and use.»

Lisa Jackson, Vice President of the Environment, Policies and Social Initiatives, said that «we are committed as a company so that it is not necessary for us to have to extract all the materials we need from the earth.»

Of course, it should be noted that in the Californian company they recognize that they have still decided exactly how they will carry out their challenge of using only recycled materials to manufacture their products.

Finally, remember that less than 16 percent of electronic waste was recycled in 2014 , according to a report of the United Nations University, which implies that the recycling of electronic materials has a high potential that is wasting.