Not one, not two, not three. Four are the operating systems in which Apple has introduced improvements to enhance the user experience and which have focused attention during the celebration of its latest development conference, WWDC21: platforms for phones iOS 15 , iPadOS 15 tablets, watchOS 8 watches and macOS ‘Monterey’ computers.

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For the phone

The new iOS boosts communication and helps users focus, explore the world and be more productive with built-in intelligence.

Now mobile users will be able to share experiences with SharePlay while talking via FaceTime , be it music, a movie or the application they have on the screen. Video calls are enhanced with spatial audio and new microphone modes to enhance the user’s voice. Portrait mode supports blurred backgrounds and a grid display will allow more participants to be displayed at once.

FaceTime calls can be shared so that anyone can join from the browser or a device with Android or Windows software.

 A new feature in iOS filters notifi cations and apps so that the user does not lose attention on what he is doing. It applies intelligence to suggest which people and programs can be notified from, and collects less urgent topics in summary form to display later. Notifications incorporate photos for contacts and larger icons for applications.


Live Text is capable of recognizing text in images and Visual Search will facilitate the obtaining of information on different topics, whether they are places of interest, works of art, animal breeds or plant species. Spotlight will help you find photos by location, people, scenes, and objects.

As you move around the city, Maps will provide a three-dimensional view of the road . Meanwhile, public transport travelers will mark their favorite lines and nearby stations or notify them when they arrive at their stop.

A revamped Safari allows you to use one-handed controls and group tabs ; a Wallet also renewed adds compatibility with car, home or office keys and identification documents , thanks to the ultra-wide band technology for secure openings.

For the tablet

Those who use an iPad will receive a whole series of functions to increase productivity. With iPadOS 15 it is easier to use multiple apps at the same time . A multitasking menu gives access to Split View and Slide Over with a simple tap.

As with iOS, FaceTime calls become more natural. On the other hand, annotations on the tablet are simplified and available throughout the system thanks to Quick Notes , which extends the ways you collaborate with others and get organized. Tags allow you to categorize notes and find them using the browser or a smart folder system.

This software also reduces distractions with the Focus feature. The redesign of the widgets for the home screen offers a more personalized experience, leaving information in view. And the App Library comes to the iPad to enable an automatic organization by categories.