The Californian company will meet with authorities of the Indian government next week.


Apple could start producing some of its products in India , but to do so has requested that from the government of the Asian country offer financial incentives .

The company of Tim Cook wants to expand its presence and increase its sales in India , and to have factories in the country would have important advantages such as the possibility of opening physical stores.


In addition, it should be borne in mind that according to IDC forecasts, in 2017 India will become the second smartphone market in the world , surpassing the United States and only behind China.

The truth is that the government of Marendra Modi already has some incentives to promote technological production in India, and it is unknown if it will accept granting greater concessions to Apple , set out in the Wall Street Journal .

Among the aid that India already offers to companies wishing to produce electronic products in the country, several subsidies stand out, as well as the duty-free import for some components used for terminal manufacturing mobile.

From the government they have stressed that they must «analyze if they can change their regulations for a single company», while making it clear that they want «Apple to produce in India».