A new study by Radware has analyzed the state of cybersecurity in Europe and the United States.


As can be seen from the data in the latest cybersecurity report prepared by Radware , in 85 percent of cases security threats are now discussed at the managerial level.

In addition, the research reveals that 94 percent of respondents see cybersecurity as one of their top priorities , and 62 percent define it as “extremely important,” a figure that last , which represents a 9 percent rise over last year.

On the other hand, when it comes to fighting threats, 80 percent of executives point out that go to Artificial Intelligence and automated security .

Also, it should be noted that a third of respondents rely more on such systems than on humans.

In addition, the fact that 98 percent of professionals worldwide were attacked at least once in 2016 , reports in ITProPortal .

Pascal Geenens, security expert at Radware EMEA, explains that the results of the report show that “many victims thought they had adequate security measures to protect their businesses, but the reality indicates that the nature of these threats is in constant evolution and hackers take advantage of tools that didn’t exist the last time they checked their security defenses. ”