This company of Hewlett Packard Enterprise has filed the series of switches core network Aruba 8400 and the operating system ArubaOS-CX.

Aruba wants to bring to the market innovations of “intelligent access”. In these innovations comes the new series of switches — core network Aruba 8400 this company Hewlett Packard Enterprise designed for enterprise mobility, cloud and the emerging internet of things.

These switches have just been announced along to ArubaOS-CX, which its leaders define as “modern software is moving away from static design and inflexible of network operating systems for today”.

What makes ArubaOS-CX is functioning as the brain of the switch with the aim to simplify network tasks that are critical and complex.

Among its advantages would be the visibility with automated, network intelligence, scalability, and high availability. That is what promises to Aruba.

The new switches extend the intelligence of the endpoint to the core and hold the promise of security, agility and performance of operator level, among other things.

in The end, the intent of Aruba would be a significant step forward because, in his opinion, “the technology of switching current kernel has not advanced at the pace of the corresponding increase in network traffic, the added complexity of the environment and the increasing need for visibility, network intelligence and remediation fast”.