During the first quarter of 2019 your pace down to 8.200 users a day.

The actions of the cyber criminals who attack their victims with trojans are still present today.

During the first quarter of the year, Kaspersky Lab detected about 30,000 modifications of families of this malware that serves to steal credentials and money from bank accounts. In total, he found 29.841 files when in the fourth quarter of 2018 had been 18.501.

The unique users those who were targeted by these attacks from January to march were 312.235.

this is reflected in the report The evolution of the threats YOU in the first quarter of 2019 Kaspersky, whose researcher Victor Chebyshev said that “the rapid growth of the malware mobile banking is a worrying sign, especially because we see how cybercriminals are refining their distribution mechanisms. For example, a recent trend is to hide the trojan banking in a dropper”.

A family especially active is being a renewed version of the malware Asacub. This malware starred in 2018 attacks 13,000 daily users. In the first quarter of 2019 its pace has dropped to 8.200 users per day on average.

While, if in the fourth quarter of 2018 the trojans mobile banking accounted for 1.85 per cent of the malware the mobile, the percentage rose during the last quarter, up 3.24 %.