"Any kind of similarity between the two projects is not certain and is only in your imagination", stressed the executive, who wished to set the theme of the awaited title from Nintendo Switch. "We are used to making action games and character-focused to the individual, and in the Astral Chain control to the player and the monster at the same time, so you have to divide your attention between the two characters".

"Is an evolution of the action games that we have been doing in the past", said Inaba, which recognizes that, as is usual in the study, development, has not exactly been a bed of roses. "there Have been many difficulties and pitfalls along the way. But Nintendo is a company that respects the creators and, from that perspective, we have had a lot of confidence to work".

Precisely, and the thread of the game for the PC and Xbox One with establishing the comparative, recently the own Platinum has shared responsibilities in regard to the cancellation of Scalebound.