And in 2021, their participation with respect to the rest of wireless technologies, mobile will exceed 50 %.

how Many connections LTE there are in the world today? According to data from Ovum for the second quarter of 2017, who has published 5G Americas, are already 2.370 million of the total of 7,800 million cellular connections that exist.

This means that connections LTE have increased by 59 % from June 2016 until the same month this year.

“subscriptions LTE increased by 878 million in all the world,” in that period of twelve months, as stated Kristin Paulin, senior analyst, Ovum, “with almost half of the additional subscriptions”, to 48 %, “from the region of Oceania, East Asia and Southeast Asia, where China is by far the largest contributor to LTE”.

In comparison with the rest of wireless technologies, mobile, the participation of LTE is 30 % in these moments.

If the calculations of the experts are correct, LTE to end 2017 by over 2,500 million of connections. 3,000 million will be achieved in 2018. And the thing will continue to grow in successive years. is 2021, for example, we should be talking about 4,800 million connections to LTE and a 53 % of participation.

there are Also forecasts for 5G, the next generation, which will begin to be noticed in a couple of years. To 2021, it is estimated that will reach 111 million connections. And 2022 should be 389 million.