The Atos technology contest is dedicated this year to innovative ideas based on blockchain technologies.


Atos IT Challenge, the Atos technology competition aimed at university students worldwide, has just announced its sixth edition, which offers participants the ability to design and present innovative ideas that revolve around blockchain technologies .

teams of 2 to 4 members will be able to participate and registration is open until November 30 in the official website of the contest.

Those responsible for it expose that students can turn their ideas into work concepts, and comment that the winning team will have a prize of 10,000 euros , an amount to make their app come true. < / p>

To talk about blockchain is to talk about the technology on which the Bitcoin electronic currency is based, and it is estimated that it will be present in the next great revolutions in the financial and economic world, and the Internet.

Students taking part in the competition will have to « develop an innovative concept that shows how security principles and public records can be used to transform traditional business models.»

In addition, it is indicated that “the idea may be aligned with various commercial applications, such as health, education or public sector, but must be based on existing blockchain platforms , such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Multi Chain ”.

The 15 best ideas presented will be announced in mid-December and the selected teams begin the second phase of the competition that covers the development of applications.

Finally, the winner will be announced in June 2017 in Paris .