The data of Panda Security speak of 200,000 new samples of malware discovered every day.

The attacks of cybercrime against mobile devices are on the rise.

So it is confirmed by the data handled by the Spanish company security Panda Security, which specifies which the number of cyber attacks against mobile phones and tablets has already been increased 32.6 % in comparison with the levels of 2015.

And, at the time that increases the amount of attacks, also what would be the methods of infection.

Panda Security says that it has already marked a new record the discovery of malware. The day would be detecting around 200,000 samples new. In total, this year already would have been discovered close to 70 million.

that Is why from this company warn of “the exponential increase of connections to the Internet by means of mobile”, that there is that protect. Among other things, because these gadgets are used for sensitive activities like financial transactions.

The past year, mobile sales increased by a factor of two in Spain, and it is believed that the pace will remain strong in the future.

“If we know this, cybercriminals also know”, says Hervé Lambert, Retail Product Marketing Manager at Panda Security.

“The bad guys will put a lot of effort in trying to sneak in this type of transaction. Have an adequate protection is essential to buy with peace of mind”.