This acquisition complements the WooCommerce, that Automattic had already bought a few years ago.

In 2015, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is made with WooThemes and resources such as WooCommerce. And, now, feeds this portfolio of products with another purchase, the Prospress.

The goal, as explained, is not another that foster the collaboration with WooCommerce and give rise to a best experience of subscriptions.

In spite of this operation, the customers of WooCommerce Subscriptions, Robot Ninja or AutomateWoo would not be affected, at least in the nearest future, since they do not modify what they already know. And, in addition, it guarantees the development. “At this time”, say their leaders, “we are to welcome us and integrating. Then, we will begin to collaborate in the work plans for the future”.

The purchase of Prospress means the acquisition also of your computer, it will keep.

Its founder, Brent Shepherd, dice that “joining Automattic is the next best stage for Prospress, and I am personally excited to lead the transition and working with the team from Automattic to promote WooCommerce”.

“we do Not create Prospress with a plan to sell”, explains, “but the opportunity to join Automattic was too good to desaprovecharla.

I am Confident that this measure will benefit our customers, our products, our team and the own WooCommerce”.

In the long term it is expected an integration of subscriptions, and resources of Automattic to create new products.