This solution valued at 159 euros allows you to connect the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Samsung DeX, which was presented in the month of march, is already available in Spain.

This apparatus is characterized by enable the connection a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to a monitor HDMI and other peripherals, such as keyboard and mouse by Bluetooth or USB. This turns the mobile phone into a mobile computer.

Samsung explains that with this solution, and among other things, users will have quick access to applications and functions such as editing documents or browsing the internet. Samsung DeX gives access to a multitasking environment, it allows work on multiple documents at the same time as well as in virtual desktops, it avoids the duplicate files, the download and gives you access to the mobile solutions for Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader and Lightroom Mobile.

“The unstoppable trend of mobility requires solutions that free users from having to carry along a myriad of devices and will enable them to work effectively and have fun with the best digital content wherever they are”, says Luis de la Peña, Marketing manager IM, Samsung. “Bearing in mind that the smartphone is the main working tool for many professionals, Samsung DeX offers the ideal solution to convert any place into a job without compromising the maximum safety and ease-of-use”.

Samsung DeX, which can be purchased in Spain by 159 € , take advantage of the platform Samsung Knox service and Samsung Pass.

it should Be noted that, although the phone is connected to Samsung DeX, you can continue using the features of text, calls and settings.