Linus Torvalds has presented Linux 4.12 as “one of the major releases, historically,”.

The new Linux is already on the street. is Linus Torvalds has announced the availability of version 4.12 of the kernel.

This release comes just a month after just to work for Linux 4.11.

Over the weekend, as usual, Torvalds has made official the launch of Linux 4.12, which has not had any mishaps to report. “things were fairly quiet this week”, has this, Torvalds, “so I really had no real reason to delay the version 4.12”.

What stands out is that “4.12 is one of the biggest releases historically,”. Only the kernel, 4.9, that it was a version LTS, I would have more commit.

Between the news that brings this new numbering it should be noted, for example, the support of the architecture AMD graphics Vega.

With Linux 4.12 are ready, the efforts of their leaders are focused now on the development of Linux 4.13.