The chinese company has decided to open its driving technology, autonomous “to drive the evolution of the entire industry”.

Baidu has decided to share its progress in the field of cars that drive themselves and has announced the Apollo project. This is a project that involves the opening of your driving technology autonomous to the automotive industry.

through Apollo, Baidu will provide hardware and software. Also a vehicle platform and data services in the cloud.

The idea is that their partners are able to develop their own driving systems autonomous and, at the end, to popularize this technology. Baidu will open its code and certain capabilities such as the detection of obstacles, the trajectory planning and the control of the vehicles.

As a result, it is attained through an ecosystem collaborative sitting on the technology of artificial intelligence. “artificial intelligence”, indica Qi Lu, COO of Baidu, “it has a great potential for the promotion of social development, and one of the biggest opportunities of the artificial intelligence are the intelligent vehicles”.

“Baidu took the initiative to open our technology driving autonomous to the industry with in order to foster greater innovation and opportunities, making better use of our technology to drive the evolution of the entire industry”, says Lu.

“An open ecosystem and innovator of the industry initiated by Baidu accelerate the development of driving autonomously in the united States and other markets crashes developed. In addition”, adds this officer, “through the open technology our technological achievements can be applied rapidly to a wide range of fields, and further speed gains. This is a great opportunity for talents dedicated to driving autonomous”.

it should Be noted that Baidu has provided collaborate with partners to offer compliant vehicles, sensors and other components.

The next month of July will open the technology of Baidu restricted. At the end of the year, this company will share technology for urban conditions simple. And later will incorporate capabilities fully autonomous face-to-roads and motorways.