The cost for banks amounted to more than 1.17 million dollars in front of the 952.000 dollars from other sectors, according to Kaspersky Lab.

The security incident that affect one type of entity very specific, as are the banks, causing cost very high.

Those costs are 825.000 dollars and a half to recover from the action of the malware and more than double, 1.754.000 dollars, as a result of problems that directly involve online banking services.

as Well as reveals a report of Kaspersky Lab, explains that at least 6 of every 10 incidents of cyber-security in online banking involve extra costs for leakage of sensitive data and loss of reputation, for example. “In the banking sector, the reputation is everything, and security goes hand in hand with this”, comenta Kirill Ilganaev, head of Kaspersky DDoS Protection. “If you the online services of a bank are attacked, it is very difficult for customers to trust that bank with your money, so that it is easy to see why an attack could be just as harmful”.

Ilganaev says that the first thing you have to do the banks is “be better prepared for the dangers that DDoS attacks pose to your online banking services. This threat should appear higher up in the priorities of security of the banks” she says.

The DDoS attacks against banks are especially harmful. Compared to 41 % of non-financial entities have seen how DDoS attacks affected their public web site we found almost half of the banks. Also, what banks have a harder time recovering from an attack of this type: 1.172.000 dollars in front of the 952.000 of other sectors.