The founder of the company is to focus on the role of CTO while you trace an international expansion.

Atomian, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and computation cognitive, has announced a change of general direction.

Its founder, Miquel Montero de Quadras ceases to be CEO to focus on the responsibilities of the CTO. For the post of CEO has been chosen to Beatriz Cabrera, a veteran of the technology industry.

Cabrera has a career of more than three decades. For more than fifteen years he was part of CA Technologies and, most recently, went through the ranks of the Sage Group.

“I Am very proud to be part of this great group of work. Atomian is a leading company (such as AI, NLP, Big Data, digitization, analytics, predictive…), it has a lot of prestige in the sector, but when you see the company inside and the technology they develop, you realize your true potential”, declared Cabrera.

The new CEO emphasizes that “we have an innovative product that had not seen before, not even in companies of much more size and budget”.

“Our short-term objective”, says, “it goes precisely to commercialize that technology to provide solutions to companies from English-speaking and Spanish”.

The incorporation of Beatriz Cabrera Atomian is part of the company’s plan to expand internationally.

“The new directorate-general will be the spearhead of this expansion phase in which it is located Atomian and will be fundamental piece for establish new business partnerships and lead the team of work”, says Miquel Montero de Quadras.

Montero de Quadras added that “we have a technology that is already ready to be used in all types of organizations, the skills of Beatriz for sale and their extensive knowledge of the sector we will be of much help to continue growing”.