As we anticipate a few days ago , the filming of the second season of The Witcher for Netflix is about to resume, after the hiatus due to the health crisis, but as expected, things are not exactly the same and it is that over the last few days, members of the production team have shared images and details that reveal the new normality of filming, where masks, Plastic and even new communication systems are the order of the day, in order to maintain as little physical contact as possible.

< strong class = 'quotes col_plat_ini_end fftit fw5 quote_right0 margin_art db' style = 'width: 210px; '> Learning to implement social distancing «First day back in T2 of The Witcher, after lockdown. We are learning to implement social distancing with our director and producer, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. She can conjure narrative and character with muscular control like the great Houdini. «, published, via Twitter, also director Stephen Surjik, who accompanied the post with a photograph showing both Schmidt and Surjik, separated by a transparent plastic wall .

«There are T minus 3 minutes until the takeoff of our second pass through T2 of The Witcher. All The world is being cautious but morale is high. They are seeing our new communication system that reduces close contact between the team, «Surjik himself posted on Instagram, accompanying the text with a photograph of his radio with integrated screen.

For his part, Schmidt posted a photo on Twitter showing him on set with all his personal protective equipment on.

It goes without saying that the circumstances are far from practical. If it had been a normal year, the filming of season 2 of The Witcher would be nearing completion, but due to the health crisis, it will last until February 2021 . That said, Netflix already announced a new series from the witcher to add to his repertoire and Henry Cavill has been busy assembling computers for gaming.