When Bill Gates left Microsoft’s board of directors in 2020, the reasons he gave for this were his interest in dedicating himself full-time to his philanthropic work that he had already been developing for years. But now it has become known, As The Wall Street Journal has published, that the reason could have been the investigation carried out by the board of directors itself into an «inappropriate relationship» that Gates would have maintained for years with an employee < / strong> of the company.

Apparently this relationship, which ended amicably, led some members of the board of directors to consider it inappropriate because it was a senior manager and an employee of the company. Given the investigation that had been initiated in this regard, and anticipating the decision that the board might make, Gates chose to resign from his position on the Microsoft board of directors .

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A spokesperson for Bill Gates acknowledges that this relationship between Gates and an employee of the company took place almost 20 years ago, although ensures that the abandonment of the Microsoft board of directors was not related to it. >. The information has become known in the same days that The New York Times publishes information about other inappropriate relationships due to taking place in work environments, between Bill Gates and employees of both Microsoft and his philanthropic foundation , something that the aforementioned spokesperson also denies.

Days ago Bill Gates and his wife Melinda announced in friendly terms that after 27 years they were ending their marriage.