From the Warwick Business School explains that “the price increases are primarily due to the increase of the demand”.

it was something that Was expected, and at the end has happened. is The criptomoneda Bitcoin has reached the $ 10,000 valuation.

And it seems that that price will continue to rise. “despite the fears about the explosion of the ‘bubble’ of Bitcoin, the price of the new digital currencies is through the roof. In fact, the growing pressure of demand from investors and speculators gives arguments in favor of an increase still further the prices of Bitcoin in the near future”, says Daniele Bianchi, an assistant professor in Finance at the Warwick Business School, who is investigating currency such as Bitcoin.

“Given that the supply of Bitcoins is fixed by the underlying protocol, the price increases are primarily due to the increase of the demand”, explains Bianchi, who says that “the Bitcoin is going looking more like an asset class to which a method of payment” and “this is something that the public and regulators should be aware to fully understand the dynamics of the price of Bitcoin”.

The number of wallets of Bitcoin active would have multiplied by almost five, in a period of five years. “in The same way, the number of exchanges has increased exponentially since the beginning of 2017, driven in part by the explosion of Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) as a funding strategy to establish new markets, and in part by the increase in margins and profitability due to the increase in the prices of Bitcoin”, explains the professor of the Warwick Business School.

The strength of the financing with the sale of criptomonedas also would be the cause of this price so high in the opinion of Statista.

it Seems that the currencies such as Bitcoin “they have come to stay”, as noted by Daniele Bianchi, who observes a “growing professionalization of the trade of criptomonedas”.