The Canadian company announces an important process of diversification of its business.


BlackBerry has revealed that it will launch new products in its portfolio, including from wearables and tablets , to appliances, point-of-sale terminals and medical devices .

With this strategy, the Canadian company makes clear its commitment to diversification beyond the field of smartphones, and represents its return to the field of tablets , after leaving it in 2013.


John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, commented that as part of their plans to launch new products, they will work “with a wide range of manufacturers to integrate BlackBerry’s secure software on devices with their brand , as well as in other co-branded ones.

Also, the executive has stressed that there is an incredible opportunity for connected devices to improve our lives, but privacy and security must be integrated in them to be able to take advantage of their full potential.

In that sense, from TechnoBuffalo ensure that BlackBerry is already working to embed patented features security and privacy on their devices.

For example, «companies that offer medical monitoring devices must protect the health data stored in the devices, ensuring that it connects securely to health care systems, and above all, ensuring that they cannot be hacked» , Chen adds.