The adaptation of Overwatch to Nintendo Switch was announced just a month ago, but the reality is that Blizzard took a lot of time exploring the idea. How much time, exactly? Since the console reached stores, neither more nor less.

"Literally, the day that Switch went on sale, we think about it" explains Jeff Kaplan, game director, in a interview with The Verge. "I Remember that I immediately got to speak with the people in the office, asking ' what it would cost to be there [in Switch]?'" Clearly, although the intention was there from the beginning, Blizzard encountered some complications at the time of carrying out the project: "it was much more easy to carry [Diablo III: Eternal Collection] to the device that Overwatch" recognizes the creative. "And, as everything we do, we wanted to do it well".

Finally, Overwatch will Nintendo Switch to the next October 15, though with some limitations: for example, will run at 30 FPS (half the versions of desktop) both in portable mode, as well as from the television, and without any kind of compatibility with the figures Amiibo. At least Kaplan ensures that "no platform is considered inferior to us" and it is expected that all features of the game come to Switch along with the rest of versions. It is more! Blizzard seems more than willing to assign the characters of Overwatch to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.