Bonitasoft announces Bonita 2021.1 and, with this release, the opening of the code of “an unprecedented number of functionalities”.

«We want to promote the adoption of process automation through the democratization of DPA «, or digital process automation, «as we did twelve years ago with the democratization of BPM (Business Process Management: Business Process Management), and at the same time, greatly simplify updates and outdates between editions Community and Bonita’s commercial Enterprise ”, says Miguel Valdés Faura, co-founder and CEO of Bonitasoft. >

«We founded this company on the commitment to open source and we want everyone to be able to build an automation project on the Bonita platform,» insists Valdés.

Bonitasoft is committed to facilitating the use of process automation technologies.

It has unified the development tools between its open source edition and the commercial version of its platform. It combines visual programming and coding in the same place.

Its ultimate goal is to foster collaboration between business and IT departments and take advantage of open source technology that is tailored to the needs of individual projects.