The developers of the industry continue to show your views on the specifications of the new machines from Sony and Microsoft, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively, focusing especially on issues such as the unit of SSD storage or the famous teraflops, but what about the rest of features of the consoles? For the creator of Boundary, a space shooter for PC and PS4, the news is more positive for the new generation is the bandwidth systems.

"the raw power of The processor, the bandwidth of memory and the SSD are very impressive in comparison with the current generation of consoles", valued Frank Mingbo Li, executive director of Surgical Scalpels, in an interview with Wccftech. The developers are always hungry for being able to create games with graphics more beautiful. I, personally, am anxious to see games with physical of the new generation. it Is very difficult to decide which to stay, if the memory bandwidth or the SSD, but if I had to choose a caractersitica perhaps it would be the memory bandwidth", added the developer.