The demand of connectivity recorded during the pandemic coronavirus has modified the forecasts of Ericsson.

The pandemic coronavirus slowed down subscriptions in some markets. But the balance that offers the June issue of the Ericsson Mobility Report 2020 is positive, because not all geographic areas have behaved the same during the crisis.

In fact, Ericsson has increased its forecast on 5G for this year. Now create 2020 you will end up with 190 million subscriptions 5G.

“the success of The 5G can’t be measured solely by the number of subscriptions, but their impact must be judged in last instance by the benefits brought to the people and businesses”, says Fredrik Jejdling, head of Networks, Ericsson, who recalled that “the 5G was created for the innovation, and this crisis has highlighted the true value of connectivity and the role it can play in the reactivation of the economies”.

“The spread of the COVID-19 has changed the daily routine of millions of people around the world that, in many cases, have gone on to work or study from home. This has led to a rapid displacement of network traffic from the commercial areas to the residential”, indicates Jejdling.

This network specialist points out that “the mobile and fixed networks have an increasingly important role in the critical infrastructure,”, because they allow the society to stay connected in difficult times.

If all goes as planned by Ericsson, within five years, the end of 2025, the number of subscriptions 5G of 2800 million.