Near 2.270 million users have had the infected software installed on their computers, as it has unveiled Avast Threat Labs.

More than 2,000 millions of users around the world have downloaded the tool Piriform CCleaner to delete unwanted files, and keep their systems safe. However, you can now be in risk after the hacking confirmed by Piriform to their servers.

Avast acquired Piriform in July and Avast Threat Labs has been commissioned to analyze the attack. The hackers have modified the version 5.33.6162 of CCleaner and the version 1.07.319 CCleaner Cloud in 32-bit Windows systems. Piriform has already updated CCleaner to version 5.34.

according To the company, CCleaner was modified by an attacker unknown to include a back door in two phases. The back door is able to receive and execute code from a server control and command of the attacker.

“we Estimate that close to 2.270 million users have had the affected software installed on Windows computers 32-bit. We believe that these users are confident now, because our research indicates that we have been able to dismantle the threat before it was able to do damage”, has been issued from Avast Threat Labs.

For their part, the researchers Cisco has reported that discovered the malware CCleaner while conducting beta testing a new technology of detection of exploits with customers.

According to the analysis of Cisco, the version infected of CCleaner was released for the first time on August 15, which means that the users have been exposed to the risk of infection for approximately a month.