According to Gartner, in a matter of a couple of years these managers will be equally responsible in the matter of mission and values of the companies.

The cultural change many companies need to will not be a thing only of the directors of Human Resources (CHROs) in the future.

According to Gartner, in a matter of a few years will have shared responsibility. This consultant believes that, to promote a proactive culture and the ability to adapt, CIOs also will be involved in matter of values and mission of the business. And, by 2021, this type of managers will be just as responsible for the cultural change of organizations such as the CHROs.

Gartner reveals older, more than a third (67 %) of companies have carried out initiatives of cultural change or is in it. And explains that the reason behind this is the digital transformation and the fact that the culture that existed was an impediment.

If all goes as planned, 8 of every 10 companies of medium and large size have modified their culture to boost their measures of digitalisation in 2021.

“Many CIOs have realized that culture can be an accelerator of the digital transformation and that they have the means to reinforce a desired culture through their technological choices”, comenta Elise Olding, vice president of research at Gartner.

“A partnership with the CHRO is the perfect way to align the selections of technological and design processes to shape the behaviors of work desired”, says Olding. And “a great way to start the culture change and enable the adoption of new technologies and processes is the hack cultural”.

This expert recommends starting “with a group of users small and motivated” and use it “to show results and quick wins”.