After months of fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, the work of scientists who are researching to develop an effective vaccine to slow the spread of the disease has attracted the attention of cybercriminals.

Russia ensures that it already has its vaccine ready. And the University of Oxford, Modern Pharmacy and other organizations are also taking steps to find a definitive cure. News about the latest discoveries make headlines. And cybercriminals take advantage of it to launch spam and phishing campaigns. Between the months of June and July, the number of new domains related to the vaccine has doubled.

Among the deception attempts detected, Check Point warns about a phishing campaign that sent emails with the subject «The coronavirus vaccine effort in the United Kingdom is progressing sharply inappropriate, causing consequences in older patients ”. His messages included a link to redirect to a fake website that mimicked a pharmacy. Another campaign uses as subject the phrase «URGENT INFORMATION LETTER: COVID-19 NEW VACCINES APPROVED» to spread emails with Excel attachments capable of install malware to collect sensitive information, including passwords.

To protect yourself, experts recall the importance of installing security tools with capabilities to fight phishing , malware , data theft or account appropriation , especially now that teleworking has increased and email is being used massively.

Two-factor authentication should also be implemented, regularly checking bank accounts for strange movements, avoiding sharing sensitive data by mail, and checking the sender’s address, as well as the spelling of hyperlinks and domains. Training employees in basic safety notions seems fundamental.