The investor group supports the plan that Börje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson, has filed to restructure the company and sees potential for the future.

The group investor Cevian Capital has bought a participation of more than 5% on Ericsson, given that it sees significant potential in the manufacturer of equipment of mobile telecommunications.

The presentation also showed that Cevian has 113.510 shares in Ericsson, which means that it possesses something more than 5% of the total capital of Ericsson, based in 3.330 million dollars in shares of Ericsson.

“we See a significant potential in the company” he said Christer Gardell, managing partner of Cevian, a Reuters.

Börje Ekholm, veteran member of the council, assumed the position of CEO of Ericsson in October last year after a number of years weak. Ekholm wants to concentrate its business in lucrative networks power plants while restoring profitability in its IT unit and Cloud. Is also exploring partnerships or a sale of all or part of your media drive.

“it Is a hard work ahead and support the main idea of the plan that Börje has submitted to the company, which means a greater focus on the core business” he said Gardell.

The shares of Ericsson have fallen about 40% in the last two years, as the firm has been affected by a drop in spending from telecommunications companies, with the demand for technology 5G next generation, still with years ahead of them to be implemented.

The firm, which reported an operational loss 12,300 million crowns (1.410 million) in the first quarter, also faces increasing competition from Huawei, and Nokia.