How can we facilitate the shopping experience through mobile? Trusted Shops provides four tips.

mobile devices have been introduced in the everyday life to help their owners in various tasks, and to transform them. Among them, the shopping experience.

there Are many users turn to their mobile to purchase of products and services. And, due to this rise of mCommerce, Trusted Shops has published a list of tips that allow you to take advantage of it from the point of view of the trader. And remember that, in Spain, more than three-quarters of the users of smartphone (77 %) have already made purchases online in 2017. This is, according to data from IAB Spain.

Trusted Shops “be direct in the content it is important” to the design of online stores to phones or tablets. That is to say, avoid texts that are too long and give quick responses to the users who access from the mobile phone. To expand the content that is offered, it would be advisable to add a link “read more” and redirect to the web version of the page.

In this sense, “to facilitate the change of channel to be fluid” with those links redirected to the web is revealed as another basic point, because it allows you to expand the information and give freedom of choice.

on the other hand, there are “optimize the load time to prevent the impatience of the customers”. How? Trusted Shops advised to minimize style sheets and JavaScript files to reduce images without that resents their quality.

“to Exclude the so-called killers of conversion”, such as forms, is the fourth council of the list. This does not mean that a clear direct areas of registration, or newsletter subscription, but that it should improve the format using the software keyboard, and HTML5. And asking only what is necessary.

“Every time there are more users that want to buy online but lack the time necessary to open your computer and search the vast world of the Internet”, says Jordi Vives, country manager of Trusted Shops.

“Give you a formula most simple and fast as an app, it will be more palatable but as long as it is optimized perfectly to not encounter technical problems that could determine the purchase”, indicates Live. “sometimes, even, it is not necessary to develop a app specific”, says, “if you are offering a good mobile version is more than enough and, in many cases, the more advisable”.