During its fiscal year 2018 got 1.916 million dollars, of which 526 million corresponding to the fourth quarter.

Check Point has completed a new fiscal year, in which he has achieved total income by value of 1.916 million dollars. This is a 3 % more that the 1.855 million that had been achieved in 2017.

Of them, 526 million corresponding to the fourth quarter, which experienced an improvement of 4 % compared to 506 million in the same period of the previous year.

“We have finished this year with record results. Our revenues have been well above our forecasts”, values Gil Shwed, founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies, “and in addition to the earnings per share non-GAAP has exceeded all of our expectations,”.

net income non-GAAP Check Point were 911 million for all of 2018 in front of the 888 million by 2017 (238 million in the latest quarter, up from 239 million). And earnings per share were up 7 % from 5,33 to the 5,71 dollars (or 4% in the fourth quarter from 1,46 to 1.51 dollars).

In terms of GAAP have been 821 million us $ compared to 803 million (264 million from 259 million in the fourth quarter), with earnings per share GAAP that increased by 7 % in 2018 from 4,82 to the 5,15 dollars (or 6% in the last quarter from 1.58 to 1.68 dollars).

“Our business security subscriptions continues to grow, driven by advanced technologies for prevention of zero-day threats, mobile and in the cloud”, tells Shwed. “we have also expanded our security offering in the cloud through our SaaS solution CloudGuard and the acquisition of Dome9 and ForceNock”.

“on the other hand, adds the officer, “we started 2019 with many new innovations, including two new safety devices that are optimized for the prevention of threats and the new product line Master, which provides technology hiperescalable”.