the united States is no longer the country that leads the TOP500 list of the supercomputers the world’s fastest.

The famous list of the TOP500 has been updated during this month of November… and presents surprises.

twice a year, its authors reviewed data on the supercomputers the world’s fastest and the latest edition of the TOP500 list reveals that the united States is no longer the king in this field. Have a substitute.

The place of the united States has been occupied by China, that gets into the ranking nearly 60 systems.

you Can learn about the most important achievements that it has achieved China, and other numbers featured in the TOP500 list today in the gallery below:



TOP500 of November 2017



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Chinese supercomputers


  China has managed to place itself in the first position of what is already the fiftieth edition of the TOP500. For its part, the United States falls to its lowest level with only 143 supercomputers. China has 202. Six months before the United States led with 169 systems and China had 160.